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National Professional Membership Nonprofit Women Owned Law Elects New President and Officers

Nancy J. Mertzel to serve as President; Cindy Towers and Nancy Lanard as Vice Presidents

PHILADELPHIA (February 24, 2022) – The Board of Directors of Women Owned Law (WOL), the national nonprofit organization dedicated to women entrepreneurs in the law, elected Nancy J. Mertzel, Esq. as President for a three-year term, effective immediately. The Board also elected Cindy Towers, Esq. and Nancy Lanard, Esq. as Vice Presidents. Mandy Rosenblum, Esq. will continue her term as Treasurer and Colleen Vallen will continue as Secretary.

Mertzel, who has practiced intellectual property law for more than 25 years, founded and owns Mertzel Law PLLC, a boutique law practice based in New York City. “I am thrilled to become President of Women Owned Law, after serving as Vice President for three years. WOL is a beacon for women entrepreneurs in the law, providing exceptional education, networking, business development and operational expertise to our members. I am especially grateful to Nicole Galli, our founder, and Amy Shapiro, our Director of Operations, for their vision and accomplishment in building this amazing organization.”

Mertzel succeeds Nicole Galli, Esq., an intellectual property attorney and owner of ND Galli Law LLC, who founded the organization in 2016. “I am delighted that Nancy will lead WOL. As vice president, Nancy demonstrated her dedication to WOL’s mission and her ability to lead effectively. She has supported our growth from a regional group centered in the Northeast to a national organization. I am proud of the organization we have built these past five years and look forward to continued growth and success under this dynamic group of strong leaders.”

Newly elected as Vice Presidents are Cindy Towers. Esq., President and CEO of JURISolutions, and Nancy Lanard, Esq., a franchise attorney and owner of Lanard & Associates. Mandy Rosenblum, Esq., an employment lawyer and owner of the Law Office of Mandy C. Rosenblum, LLC, will continue her term as Treasurer and Colleen Vallen, Senior Vice President – Forensic Services at J.A. Montgomery Consulting, will continue as Secretary.

Women Owned Law, which celebrates its fifth anniversary next month, will hold its third annual Symposium on May 11, 2022. The one-day event, Navigating Growth in the New Normal: When Opportunity Meets Challenge, will be held at the Thomas R. Kline Institute of Trail Advocacy at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

About Women Owned Law

Women Owned Law is a national nonprofit networking group for women-owned law and legal services firms. Women Owned Law provides education, networking, business development and support for its members at every point in their business life. Women Owned Law advocates on behalf of women legal entrepreneurs; its members come from a variety of practice disciplines, geographic locations, and career backgrounds as attorneys or professionals serving the legal market. For more information, please visit

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