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It might involve something beyond just the live and on-demand content. We’re going to work on our editorial content to promote the matches and provide more context about the competitions. And at some point, possibly, we could rely on an external willingness to share and to be part of the community. We have already seen there are fans that are keen to work with images, or do some analysis.

Whenever we have new content, we work to know as much as we can in terms of the audiences to which it should be promoted. We know from doing other types of leagues where we see very clearly where there’s a community in a particular country and that might work. But this means a lot of research to see what effort can be done to grow the awareness about the content being available. I noticed you have a partnership with the AFC, so is K League part of a concentrated effort to expand in Asia? It’s all part of it.

We feel that's very true almost everywhere. Of course people will watch the absolute elite because that’s where the higher level is, but in terms of being committed and engaged to a certain club and following it very very closely, there is a possibility for the local game to take a space here. And that’s what we’re helping to develop here in Asia. The potential is massive.

In football there’s an old fear that if you’re going to be broadcasted somewhere, before it was the TV and now it’s becoming the internet, that no one’s going to be in the stadium anymore. But that has been proven wrong. For me, I think it might actually be the opposite. Would you agree that having more visibility would help bring more people to the stadium? Yes, possibly. If there’s more awareness about the quality, but also what’s interesting about those leagues. I think if you’re growing the awareness and the specificities of each competition, you’re only growing the interest.

When it comes to increasing that interest outside of the games themselves, does Mycujoo have plans to offer a space for analysis channels or anything along those lines? What’s important for us is to make sure the content we get is visible. The visibility can be achieved in multiple ways. We are developing our capacity to reach out to different audiences ourselves. And our platform is constantly evolving in this direction.

And so the idea came from this. And then in 2014, the company was founded and the original idea was to go to the long tail of football to provide visibility to anyone. The core of the model has been to develop a technology for streaming that is very powerful from a features perspective, but do it at a very accessible entry cost. For example, if you are an amateur club and you don’t need anything else other than access to the streaming capacity that we provide, then you don’t pay anything.

김포 시티즌 FC vs 안산 그리너스 FC 상대통계 - FootyStats K 리그 챌린지 리그의 김포 시티즌 FC 와 안산 그리너스 FC 의 상대 통계 분석 자료. 통계 자료는 득점, 실점, 클린시트, BTTS 등 많은 자료를 가지고

Commentary and other features are going to grow organically with the needs. It’s not out of the question that we would allow fans or people that are covering [the league] to do it if they have the talent and capacity. Commentary brings a lot to a football game, especially for those that are willing to watch the full 90 minutes. Can we expect to see more K League in 2018? We don’t know yet, we cannot say anything for now. We are hoping to have them, because it’s great for us.

[스트리밍>>>>] 광주 대 전남 드래곤즈 보기 17 8월 2022 | Profile VS. 전남. 9월 5일(월). 이번 시즌을 앞두고는 김포FC 유니폼으로 갈아입고, 이후 열린 경기에서 안산 그리너스와 서울E랜드, 대전 하나시티즌을 차례로

And we would welcome that. In the end, we’re looking at it in terms of what the person who’s going to follow this type of football expects. If it’s me, I expect the content to be treated with the most care and attention as possible. I would want to see analysis, I would want to see some amazing statistics, insights, etc. I would want to see behind the scenes. So, yes, this is content we want to offer. If someone is willing to contribute, and has the talent and capacity to provide us with this kind of coverage, we would welcome it. Is English commentary something you would consider in the future? For now, most of our content has no commentary. We are focusing on delivering the best live and on-demand streaming experience possible.

【K리그2】 7월 23일 안산 그리너스 FC vs 김포 - 스포츠분석 【K리그2】 7월 23일 안산 그리너스 FC vs 김포 FC 축구분석 축구중계 국내축구중계 국내축구분석 K리그2분석 K리그2중계. 안산 (리그 10위 /

[[라이브 스포츠===]'''] 안산 그리너스 충남 아산 축구단 22 8월 [K리그2] 4월9일 충남아산 vs 안산그리너스 경기분 - 스포츠분석[K리그2] 4월9일 지난 17일 이순신종합운동장에서 열린 김포FC와의 경기에서 0-1로 패하며

The first layer of service, which is access to your own TV Channel, it’s entirely free. You only have to buy the equipment, with the service having been built for very simple equipment. We’re not talking about broadcasting with 32 cameras. We’re talking about broadcasting from a phone linked to a laptop or streaming device and an internet connection. And that’s really all you need to do to get onto mycujoo and start broadcasting your games. And so the business started by contacting certain clubs in Switzerland, because the company was based in Switzerland, and the first one that came on board was the Zurich FC women’s football section. From there, the company has expanded and started contacting a lot of people in the world of football.

K League would be great content. We are relatively young. Our first couple of years of existence has been really dedicated to develop the live streaming technology and the portfolio. And now that we’ve reached a good size, it’s time for us to develop our own visibility and for people to know what we’re about and what we can actually provide. How do you see this visibility helping out in Asia? Some platforms are selling advertisement around the content and as a club you’re not getting anything from it. They get the numbers, you get exposure, and that’s it. We actually provide a revenue sharing model.

Of course the partnership with AFC has given us a great boost to work in the Asian region. Also, what we’re seeing is that there is a potential for success for local football. In our opinion, at the end of the day the people that will follow football are keen on having something close to them. I will always support my hometown team. I haven’t lived in France for 10 years now, but I will never follow any other more than my team.

As you mentioned, I noticed the K League stream was geoblocked locally due to their Korean TV deals. But working with lower divisions, like the 4th division US clubs you have deals with, can folks that are going to those games locally watch on Mycujoo as well? Yes, if the rights haven’t been sold, then we have no limitation in showing it anywhere.

And the idea picked up, obviously. We stream around 120 games per week on average, and it’s really growing and we’re seeing there’s a lot of interest. The first intention was maybe to go for the lower tiers, amateur, niche type football. But we’re seeing that niche can mean very different things in the world of football and even at the higher levels, there are some niche aspects that can be explored. For example, with K League, it’s not exactly niche, long tail type content, but there can be an interest for K League to be on mycujoo to reach new, untapped audiences. What brought the decision to cover K League playoffs about? It came from an interest in how mycujoo can help a league reach new audiences.

안산 그리너스 FC/2022년/K리그2 - 나무위키:대문 11R VS 김포 FC (원정, 1:1 무)12. 28R VS 김포 FC (홈, 3:1 승)28. 안산 그리너스의 2022시즌 K리그2 경기내용을 기록한

(무료) 경남 안산 그리너스 26 7월 2022 | Profile Posted at 85' Lee Evans (Wigan Athletic) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 안산 - 결과, 일정, 안산 그리너스 vs 김포FC live -

For any football content property, you might sell the rights on TV in a particular territory, and you might sell some abroad. Let’s say you’re in Indonesia and you have sold in England. Here you might still go to mycujoo on the digital side and show your content wherever you haven’t sold, and explore new territories. So we can geoblock anything in Indonesia and England where it’s been sold, and the rest of the world can still access it. And that is the point. It’s to make sure the access and the visibility of the content and the games is at the maximum possible. What’s the appetite like for K League overseas? It’s difficult for us to say with just two games.

안산그리너스 김포FC 7월23일 K리그 K리그2 케이리그 국내 구독과 좋아요 알림설정 고객센터 및 정보방 안내 : 모든 영상 하단 고정댓글 확인 공식

((LIVE TV<<<<)) 김포 vs. 안산 그리너스 live free 31 August 2022

((LIVE TV<<<<)) 김포 vs. 안산 그리너스 live free 31 August 2022

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